MolIso a program for colour-mapped iso-surfaces

Videos created with Moliso

Electrostatic eal smooth shaped in color Real smooth shaped in grey Hirshfeld atoms of a fullerene Just for fun a piece of chocolate ?psychodelic?magic?zebra magiczebra2 color glas 1 color glas 2 insideout frontface culling Hishfeld-surface with contours of thymidine
{DivX6.1 High def.} [3.0MB] Hishfeld-surface with contours of thymidine, transparent, with adp's, backfaces culled
Iso-surface of thymidine, transparent
Iso-surface with contours of thymidine, transparent, funny color gradient
Iso-surface of thymidine, transparent, wireframe
{MPEG-4} [1.1M]